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The Energy Crisis

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Energy is simply the basis of civilization - of everything we have and make and do.

Our standard of living depends on using energy to convert natural resources into things.

The more energy we have, the higher our standard of living.

The incredible post-war surge in wealth and well-being has been built on a foundation of relatively-cheap, relatively-easy-to-get energy - primarily from fossil fuels - oil, natural gas and coal.

For a list of reasons outlined in My Journey, this wonderful ride is coming to an end. We have lived during the peak of human wealth and prosperity, and it is coming to its logical conclusion.

This is happening for several reasons, but the reasons I would like to discuss here are the end of cheap energy, the destruction of Energy Returned on Energy Invested (EROI), the concentration of energy resources in Russia and the total lunacy and incredible destructiveness of the path being taken toward the reduction of greenhouse gasses by our political leaders and their progressive supporters.

(Before you turn away, I want to hasten to add that I support the transition to green energy. We are just doing it in what may be the worst way possible.)

We are getting into a hell of a mess, characterized by no less than an unwinding of much of what we have gained during our fantastic expansion.

The burning of fossil fuels is creating global warming / climate change, therefore there is a movement to the adoption of "green" energy.

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